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For inquiries of dining reservation
*In the event of cancellation, please notify us
by one day before the requested date.
Cancellation penalty imposed on the date of your reservation.
*Kindly note, no car parking services for dining guests.

Tel.086-422-0730 Fax.086-422-0990
Ryokan Kurashiki
4-1 Honmachi, Kurashiki, 710-0054 Japan

Information for banquet plan for celebrations

■LUNCH BANQUET   7,150 Yen, 8,800 Yen, 11,000 Yen~
■DINNER BANQUET   8,800 Yen, 11,000 Yen, 13,200 Yen~

Meals are in Kaiseki-style.
Kaiseki is a meal of courses, consisting of appetizer accompanied with dishes for seasonal theme, Sashimi, clear soup, lidded dish, broiled dish, dish for surprise, cooked rice with seasonal ingredients and dessert.
The number of dishes may change depending on the season and the course.

Rate shown above includes 10% consumption tax but subject to 15% service charge.
*The course of cooked rice has options from Sekihan (Red rice for celebration), Matsuri-sushi (Sushi decorated with seafood and vegetables on top), Nigiri-sushi and rice with seasonal ingredients.
*Kindly inquire us in advance for individual preferences.

◎Betrothal exchange/ Formal meeting of both families
Sakura-cha (Cherry blossom tea) is served before the meal as auspicious symbol.
A small gift from the Ryokan.

◎Ceremony of 100 days after birth
"Meimei-shikishi" (Baby's name and birth of date written on a square paper board on calligraphy) and "Okuizome-zen" (Ceremonial first meal for the baby) are served.
*Kindly inform us of the name, the date of birth and the sex of the baby
at the time of reservation request.

◎Celebration of a long-life
Vest of each color for celebration and a small gift of memorial photo
are prepared by the Ryokan.

◎Anniversary/ Birthday
Bouquet, cake, etc. can be prepared by additional charges.
*Kindly inquire us at the time of reservation request.
Kaiseki dining in a private room / Banquet plan for celebrations