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For inquiries of dining reservation
*In the event of cancellation, please notify us
by one day before the requested date.
Cancellation penalty imposed on the date of your reservation.
*Kindly note, no car parking services for dining guests.

Tel.086-422-0730 Fax.086-422-0990
Ryokan Kurashiki
4-1 Honmachi, Kurashiki, 710-0054 Japan

Information Information for dining guests A la carte menu of summer MEALS FOR CHILDREN

Seared local Shimofuri (marbled with layers of fat) beef sirloin, seasoned only with salt.
Assorted with seasonal vegetables. Soy sauce with WASABI flavor for dip.

Followed by Japanese traditional custom, sea bream, Tai, is necessary to decorate your celebration for additional good luck, because sea bream is related to "Medetai", an auspicious occasion. A whole sea bream is available either salt-grilled or Sashimi upon your request.

Local seasonal fish is assorted with great finesse as Sashimi.
Suitable dish for a special occasions.
*Above photo shows 3 portions

Rate shown above includes 10% consumption tax but subject to 15% service charge.

Kaiseki dining in a private room / Dining