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Tel.086-422-0730 Fax.086-422-0990
Ryokan Kurashiki
4-1 Honmachi, Kurashiki, 710-0054 Japan
Access information

Access information

Ryokan Kurashiki is located right
in the heart of Bikan Quarter,
across from the Tourist Information
Center, at the crook of the willow-
lined old canal.

Car parking space
Our parking space is only available
for accommodating guest.
It is located separated place
from our property.
Please visit Ryokan first and follow
the guidance from our staff.

Air From Okayama Airport
45 minutes by the airport shuttle bus
from Okayama Airport.
Get off the bus at Kurashiki Station.
1,100 Yen/ one way.
15 min. walk from the Kurashiki station
to the Ryokan.

Change from the Shinkansen
(Bullet train) at Okayama.
17 minutes on the Sanyo local train
or 12 minutes on the Sun Liner
(rapid train) takes you from Okayama
to Kurashiki.
15 min. walk from the Kurashiki station
to the Ryokan.

Car Via express-way
20 min. ride from
Sanyo Express-way Kurashiki IC.
20 min. ride from
Seto-chuo Express-way Hayashima IC.

Access information